Ever consider trying Speed Dating in Southampton? Here is some advice from successful clients

Ever consider trying Speed Dating in Southampton? Here is some advice from successful clients

After months of messy nights out, boring online dating apps, and unsuccessful blind dates set up by your co-workers, you may be losing hope in the dating world. But fear not! Don’t forget about speed dating in Southampton, and the wonderful things it has it offer.

Though the idea may seem intimidating, it’s actually very easy and relaxing. Our trained hosts are skilled and professional employees who are there to help guide you along the speed dating process. Speed dating in Southampton is the perfect place to get to know other singletons from around your city, ranging in professions and personalities. Speed dating gives individuals the opportunity to get to know someone that they may not have sparked conversation with, without the help of our services.

Is four minutes per date long enough time to get to know someone?

We believe that four minutes is the perfect amount of time for you to get to know someone well enough to be able to make the decision of wanting to see them again or not. With our Speed Dating in Southampton events, we have a minimum of 10 couples per event, so you’re sure to meet someone that you hit it off with on the night.

We spoke with some of our past speed daters who have had success out of our Speed Dating in Southampton events, asking them for what they wish they knew before going to one of our speed dating events;

Keep it fresh and ask interesting questions

By the last couple of dates, everyone will be used to hearing the same questions. They may even be used to hearing the same responses. Try and keep some extra special questions and conversation topics for when you feel like the buzz is starting to sizzle out. People enjoy positive and happy company, so try your best to avoid conversation topics which could spiral downwards.

Speed Dating isn’t a sit back and relax style of activity, you should ensure you’re keeping up a great positive energy so others can feed off you!

Don’t be the last one in the door

Try and arrive at the venue a few minutes before the event formally starts. Think of these minutes as a “warm-up” for the actual event. You will get to have a few crucial minutes getting accustomed to the venue and preparing yourself to meet many other keen and excited singles. Lastly, you don’t want the event to begin without you, having you lose out on dating a handful of singles from the event.

If you’re feeling up to it, this also gives you a chance to chat with the other people attending the event. This helps you relax a bit and shake off any nervous feelings that you may have.

Dress to show your personality

Though there isn’t a strict dress code enforced for the Speed Dating in Southampton events, it’s important to make sure that your first impressions are more positive than negative. There’s no reason not to put a little bit of effort in before heading out for the evening, just as if you were getting ready to go on a one on one date with someone.

The best way to dress is somewhere between smart and casual – just don’t arrive in your home/lounge wear. Be comfortable, but don’t forget that first impressions are long lasting.

Speed Dating sets the perfect scene for singles to have a fun, flirty and exciting evening getting to know other local singles. So why not try speed dating in Southampton?